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“Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

-John Lennon

When one accepts that there is a deep wound at the very center of one’s own being, one realizes that life is filtered in a very specific and particular way in relation to that wound. …

Are our feelings making life tougher than it actually is?

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I had become very proud of my writing habit. I’d fallen off the wagon for a while and forcing myself to reconnect to the joy it brings me has been, in itself, a struggle. I’ve kept my thoughts locked up in fear of what might be revealed to me in black and white; avoiding the work of trying to understand myself.

It’s not without reason. This has been an intense year; I almost died in a work-related accident and I have not not been back to work since. …

And everyone is at risk.

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There is nothing more tragic than reaching the end only to realize that you have never truly and fully lived a single moment of your life.

This is something I’ve come to realize over the course of the last year or so. I don’t have cancer — at least not yet. However, coming to terms with some of my own mental health struggles has brought me to realize just how much they have crippled parts of my existence.

I’ve been against labels for a very long time. Religion, at a fundamental sense, seems to be a tribal battle over which…

… and it was from my 4 year old daughter

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“I really like it when you tell me that I have good ideas. It makes me so happy when you tell me that.”

She told me that after I had just shown her perhaps a little bit more than my usual amount of enthusiasm when she shared with me what activity she would like to do next. I told her in a slightly higher tone than I normally speak in “WOW! That is a wonderful idea! I would love to do that with you!”

Now, I really mean it when I said that I did use more enthusiasm than I…

…and a small trick to prevent your mind from overthinking and wandering off all of the time

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I’ve been learning a new lesson recently.

The expression “stuck inside your head” doesn’t actually make much sense. I’ve come to learn that it’s usually the exact opposite that is usually the problem…

The daydream fantasies of Yesteryear and Tomorrowland only further distance myself from where I am right now. (Which is also where my *head* is if we want to be literal about it)

When I am ‘stuck in my head,’ as they say, I am actually so far removed from myself that I don’t even know where I am. …

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I haven’t told her and I am not going to. Because, if I’m right, that’s not what is important. What’s important is that IF she poisoned me then she poisoned all of us and I want us to be as strong as possible emotionally so that we can help take care of each other physically if need be. Having a conflict at this moment will not help to meet this end.

I never used to be so concerned about uncooked meat. I’m not really sure where the fear came from. I suppose perhaps since I’ve felt food poisoning first hand…

When I think about things too much, it’s easy to become depressed.

Hubble Space Telescope Photograph of a Newborn Star; NASA Goddard

For instance, someone can be explaining to me how stars are born and I can be in total amazement at how much sense it all makes and yet feel completely lost in existential turmoil simultaneously.

I will try my best to use simple [and non-scientific] terminology and paraphrase but they form over a really long time actually…

Basically, a bunch of space debris (from really old stars that have since exploded back into the separate particles they were originally made of) mixes together. Like mingling clouds, they slowly start building over millions of years. As they grow in size, their…

…And ‘side B’ of “The Golden Rule”

You simply are not mature enough. For the same reason that a child could not carry a parent out of a burning building, your good intentions are simply not strong enough to carry the rest of you out of your self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors and to a safe place to work on growth and development.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Going by the countless titles of many articles and self-help books available, there are quite a few ‘masters’ of their own universe who must have figured out every possible secret to living their lives to their fullest potential…

So, if you just start writing…

And writing and writing and writing…

All of your thoughts and what you’re doing — EVERYTHING — because you won’t want to just keep hearing the same negative dialogue over and over again, inevitably something good will come out.

So, by being able to read your output back to yourself (and not just subconsciously listening to that voice all of the time) you will start to recognize the thought patterns that you’re stuck in and then be able to begin making more conscious decisions about whether or not you want to change them rather…

It would have been 12 years ago today that this world started and that one was gone forever.

“She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…”

That was the song that we used to sing when running around our front yard like a couple of dorks while waiting for the school bus. I’m not sure how ‘often’ this particular thing happened because memories can often play tricks on you. Either we did this all the time or the memory of it recurred frequently.

Unconditional love. It’s an ongoing journey to comprehend such a boundless concept but she’s the one…

Derrick Douglas

Explorer of conundrums and amateur self-therapist

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